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Pure Poultry

Pure Poultry

pasture raised, organically fed, non-gmo, non-medicated chickens


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Meet The Farmers

Meet The Farmers

Our chickens live a natural, happy and healthy life

We are a true blue mom and pop. My wife Betty and I handle the entire process of raising the baby chicks, which come from Ideal Poultry in Cameron, Texas. Our farm is located outside of Willis, Texas in the Sam Houston National Forest. Our feed is sourced exclusively from Texas Naturals, located outside of Waco, Texas. They provide us with non-soy, non-GMO, non-medicated feed product independently tested to ensure that it exceeds the organic standard.

We raise, process, and deliver the chicks. We handle every bird from the day they arrive to the day we deliver them to you. Every animal is processed by hand with no machinery with exception to our plucker. That's too difficult to do by hand! Our permit allows for 10,000 birds every year (roughly 192 chickens a week). Sanderson Farms and their subsidiaries in Bryan College Station have two processing plants. Each of these plants is capable of doing over 1,000,000 birds a week. They do not grow the animals themselves and it is impossible for them to know what all these chickens have been in to.

Our process is methodical, thorough, and labor intensive. We feed and water every chicken by hand twice a day, this makes the chicks run and get exercise. When a run is empty, we till the pen and return the chicken waste to the ground to decompose. We then take the organic chicken scratch and till it into the ground. This mix of barley, sorghum, wheat, sunflowers, millet and corn grows for two to four weeks before the new chicks are let out to run in the grass to eat the grass, crickets and grasshoppers. This gives them extra nutrients that aren't available in the vegetarian feed. They also get to act like chickens. With all the extra space, they get to run and play in the dirt, the way chickens are supposed to do.

The majority of their time is spent outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Our pens provide roughly nine square feet per bird. This is different from larger farms that are only required by law to have 1.6 square feet per bird. Our layers have approximately 110 square feet per bird to run around in. At night, there are no lights left on and they experience true day and night cycles. This is different from the typical factory birds, which are raised in the dark. Our process produces fewer stress hormones and because of that our chickens live a natural, happy and healthy life.

Our chickens feed tests significantly higher than the organic standard, with less than three percent GMO materials. It also contains no antibiotics or steroids, standard organic labels allow significant levels of both. In addition, our supplier also checks for glyphosate, a toxic herbicide, organic standards do not require a test for glyphosate.

Chickens you will see in stores are allowed up to 15% saline solution to be pumped into it. That means that if you buy chickens in a supermarket, 15% of what you're paying is possibly nothing more than salt water. When we process our chickens, they are air chilled, this reduces the moisture and the body weight of the chicken. All processing of the animals is done by hand so each bird is visually inspected by us. We also do the packaging and weighing, which is done on a Department of Agriculture certified digital scale.